Labels for Amazon FBA/FBM

  • Blank Amazon Barcode labels:

To begin Amazon uses barcode labels on every item to streamline their process. These barcodes help identify every product, where it is in its distribution center, if a product is real and also helps identify you as the seller of the product.

If you are trying to sell a product on Amazon the two acronyms you will most likely need to know is UPC and FNSKU. UPC stands for Universal Product Code is a 12-digital barcode that is found on the back of any product. If you are adding your product to Amazon you’ll need a UPC to create a product listing page. Whereas, FNSKU is basically Amazon’s version of a UPC they provide to you when you list your product on Amazon Central. An FNSKU is important because once your product is delivered and scanned, that’s how you will get paid.

Below is a sample picture of a pre-printed FNSKU label that is 10-Digits with both Alphanumeric:

The requirements of an Amazon label is a white background with black print, 1-2 inches tall and 2-3 inches wide.

Once you’ve obtained your UPC or FNSKU this is where we can help:

  1. We can help you pre-print barcode labels. Advantage is that you do not need to buy a printer.
  2. Provide a low cost blank labels in which you can print yourself. 
Quantity BuyLabel Discount 
1 to 1000 labels Less than $0.21/label
1001 to 5000 labels Less than $0.07/label
5001 to 10000 labels Less than $0.05/label
10,000+ Labels Less than $0.04/label
Blanks Less than $0.005/label
In comparison, Amazon’s FBA Label Service fee is $0.30 per label.
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☐ 2.25” X 1.25”

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*Please attach a photo of your barcode if available
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