What makes our Blockchain Labels Different than Others?

  • Speed & Simplicity – There is no lengthy on-boarding process. You don’t need to learn a new software application. You simply order labels, then stick them onto the products.
  • Cost Effective – There’s no need to pay for expensive training on how to operate complex software. There’s no recurring monthly application fees.
  • No Lock-Ins – There is no software platform we’re locking you into. Your data is not stored on our systems. This means you are not locked in at all.  Everything continues to work even when we’re out of the picture. 
  • Security & Reliability – Blockchain technology is still relatively new, with a few different blockchains on the market.  We are blockchain agnostic.  We have no affiliation with any blockchain, and therefore our interest are aligned.  We will adopt the blockchain with the most promising ecosystem. 

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