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What is a Metadata Pack?

  • Metadata is information about your product, such as a product description, ingredients, materials, manufacturing date, origin, or whatever other data you feel is relevant.
  • The Metadata Pack is not a physical product, but a digital service.  It is an add-on for UniqueID labels. A pack allows for a one time use of up to 1000 labels.
  • If for example, you manufacture 1000 units of a product and applied our UniqueID label to each, this pack digitally adds the metadata to each label.
  • A file containing product metadata is created per label and sent to the blockchain. 
  • Here is an example of a metadata file for one label: sample metadata 

Why do I need this?

  • If you're looking to get product information onto the blockchain, the metadata pack does just this. This information were be permanent connected with your label and saved in public blockchain.

How does it work?

  1. Order Metadata Pack online.
  2. Fill in this form regarding your product information (metadata). Alternatively, you can email this information to us. We will respond back by email with a confirmation. Metadata Form

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