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What is minting?

  • It is how your individual item becomes part of the public ledger/database (aka Blockchain). Think of this like how metal coins are minted and added into circulation.
  • After minting, there is autonomous control by the owner.
  • Example:
    • Label #1 is minted for Joe, Joe is the sole owner of this token.
    • Only Joe can digitally transfer it to someone else. 
    • If Joe transfers it to Mike, Joe no longer has access, giving control solely to Mike. This, and other functions are built natively into the token, with no dependencies to external systems (including us).
  • A Mint Pack is not a physical product, but a digital service.  It is an add-on for Pre Mint labels. A pack allows for a one time use of 100/500/1000 labels.

Why do I need to mint?

  • Most applications on the blockchain require the token to be minted.  An example of this is listing your product on a marketplace.
  • These applications looks at the blockchain database to determine the owner. During the Mint process, we transfer ownership to your address.

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